Dealing with the Spirit of Suicide

This is a difficult and sensitive subject to talk about. Many have dealt with thoughts of suicide, and have been too fearful to tell someone. Having generational curses and familiar spirits in this area can cause you to have a bent towards these spirits. A bent meaning, a weakness towards feeling or having thoughts of suicide. Usually this spirit is very patient and can wait as long as it needs to gain advantage during times of weakness. A spirit of death has one intention and that is to destroy.
This is very real, though we do not wage war against flesh and blood, but unseen forces. These demons are unseen, but can be discerned spiritually as very real to us. We may hear a voice or voices in our minds that say,” You can have relief from all your pain.” You can even hear demonic voices that can taunt you with thoughts that God does not love you, or that you have messed up so badly that there is one solution-death. Be mindful that if you have a family history of mental illness, suicide, or depression; these familiar spirits will try and destroy your life.

Remember Elijah in the Bible (1 Kings 19:4), he asked God to kill him and so did Abimelech (Judges 9:54). There are ones in the Bible that contemplated and even succeeded in suicide. I believe the voice that is heard to harm oneself comes straight from the pit of hell. The mind is the battlefield. The enemy will trespass our minds and plant thoughts that are contrary to the thoughts of God. Every thought that comes into your mind, is not coming from Christ.

One of the reasons that a lot of people attempt suicide is because suicide is in their family history. When one or more family members submit to an evil spirit to commit suicide, that same spirit can persuade other family members to do the same thing. This also can include not only suicide but idolatry, divorce, pornography, addiction, lying, witchcraft, rebellion, etc. Evil spirits will live in a family line as long as they can, and will look for ones who will host them. When a person is joined together with someone who is under the influence of evil spirits they too will start to experience the same evil influence.  

The first thing to recognize in dealing with this spirit is to know it is not your thoughts. God does not bring these thoughts to you, but the destroyer, satan does. Secondly, you must enter into prayer whether you feel like it or not. Prayer is a powerful weapon against the forces of darkness. The enemy must flee at the name of Jesus Christ. Plead the blood of Jesus over yourself, your home, and family. Thirdly, if this is generational, you must be aware of the enemy’s plan to use this against you and break familiar spirits and generational curses off your bloodline. Lastly, get in the Word of God and let the truth speak to you over the lies of the enemy.

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