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What to Do When You Are Disappointed

A relationship does not work out, a job does not go through, or your prodigal child that you have been praying for does not seem to leave their rebellious life. We all have experienced times of disappointment, and it is a normal part of life. What is important to know is that if disappointment is not dealt with, it can eventually lead to depression. This is a scheme from the enemy. Something you really wanted does not work out, you dwell on why it did not work out, and eventually you begin to feel depressed.

Your thoughts will always follow your behavior.
7 Things to do when you feel disappointed:
1.Consider that what may have not worked out could be God’s doing. Perhaps, He was protecting you from something you did not even know about. 2.Go before God and ask Him to help you deal with your disappointment, and to show you the truth. Ask God to show you His perspective on the situation. 3.Take every thought captive. Do not let your mind wander and think whatever it wants. When something dis…
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Counselor's Corner: Basking in God's Goodness

As I sit outside this morning feeling the crisp fall air, I am reminded to bask in God’s goodness. Last week like so many other weeks was hectic and I rarely stopped to just enjoy God’s blessings. Earlier on my jog today I noticed the stunning sun rising and a majestic brown pelican flying over the water. The air was brisk and refreshing on my run so I decided to spend my devotional time with the Lord outside. I was in awe of so many beautiful gifts God was showing me on my back porch. I don’t know about you, but I seem to feel so much closer to God when I am in nature. Not only did I see the most gorgeous monarch butterfly, but I also got to encounter one of God’s most amazing creatures-the hummingbird. My visual and auditory senses were on overload. I felt God was sending me little presents from heaven. I could not help but smile and say thank you Lord for allowing me to witness such pleasures.

I truly believe God wants us to enjoy what He gives us, and take the time to relish what b…

Counselor's Corner: Contending with the Spirit of Witchcraft

Christians, we need to be wise and discerning against the wiles of the enemy. We should not be fearful, suspicious, or judgmental against people who practice witchcraft, but love and bless those who do not understand the things of God.

For many who are involved in the occult it is for power. Woman who are involved in the occult usually do so because they are trying to gain control and power in particularly over people who at one time have caused them harm.

New age, the occult and witchcraft are on the rise in America, and there must be a reason behind that. For those that dabble or fully practice witchcraft know that they possess a certain degree of power. The enemy does give limited power to those engaged in these practices. When you can have the ability to speak a curse over someone through your words, it can make you seem powerful and that you have control over someone. Word curses spoken out loud is the main way that spells and incantations are performed. Words are powerful and th…

Counselor's Corner: Attributes of a Spiritual Warrior

As believer’s in Jesus Christ we are in an unseen spiritual battle, you will either be fighting for the kingdom of God or you will be fighting against this kingdom. Satan wants to keep believers ineffective as warriors for the kingdom of God by keeping us living in a cycle of defeat and living in bondage of the past. The enemy operates from a place of defeat, but Christians who know their authority fight from a position of victory.

If you plan on serving in the army of God you will need to know how to effectively battle unseen spiritual forces that oppose all things of the kingdom of God.

You must decide what side you will be on-the kingdom of light or the kingdom of darkness. You cannot serve both sides.

What are the attributes of a spiritual warrior
A spiritual warrior:
·Has been trained intensely for battle, and they know who their enemy is and how to properly disarm the enemies’ weapons wielded against them and others.
·Is weeded out from lukewarm, weaker Christians who could not stan…

Counselor's Corner: Get Back Up After You Have Been Knocked Down

If you have watched a boxing match and noticed when one of the opponents throws a punch that takes their opponent down to the ground the referee begins to count to see if the fighter will get back in the fight. There are times the bruised and wounded fighter stays down and the fight is finished, and then there are times a fighter who can’t even see out of their eyes because of the blood and swollenness gets up and back in the fight.

Perhaps you feel like the fighter who has been in a really long match and has gone down at of sear exhaustion. You may have thought about staying down because you do not know how you will possibly get back up and fight again with little strength. If you have been in a spiritual fight for any length of time you understand battle fatigue can happen. Battle fatigue is fighting the same “war” over and over again but not gaining any ground, that is exhausting. This is exactly where the enemy wants the saints-worn-out from the same fights.

The enemy will continue …

Counselor's Corner: Let Jesus Calm the Storm Around You

On the Gulf Coast where I live, Hurricane Nate is threatening to barrel down on the coastal region this weekend. I noticed today that when I went to pick up groceries from Wal-Mart, many were panicked and anxious as this storm was threatening our area. I did my best to get out of Wal-Mart quickly because I did not want to get panicky myself as I was observing and listening to the many who were anxious.

There are weather storms and there are the “storms” of life. I had a mix of this last week of the storms of life and a storm that is currently headed to my hometown. For many that encounter any type of storm a first reaction is to panic, and then to fret and fear. I admit my first reaction to any type of storm is not always calmness, but I am learning that God always takes care of me.

If you listen to people who are spouting off their anxieties about the “storms” around, or if you watch or read the negative news reports it is very likely that you will become anxious.

Sometimes God calms…

Counsselor's Corner: Where has Your Focus Been Lately?

What you focus on the most will grow. The enemy will try to get you to focus on what is wrong, what is not working, and what is worrisome to you. When you lose your focus on what is true, what is right, what is lovely and what is a good report (Philippians 4:6), you will begin to focus on the opposite of these.

CHOOSING to focus on the good will be a daily decision. When the enemy shows you something that is causing fear, worry or frustration, turn away and CHOOSE to focus on the good.

→If your focus has been more on the negative lately check to see who you have been hanging out with, what you have been reading or watching on TV, and giving your attention to the most.

→An unthankful heart can cause you to focus on your wants, but a heart of gratitude will cause you to focus on your blessings.

Distractions come to sidetrack you and get you to focus on what the enemy has brought in front of you. Keeping focus on Jesus means deliberately fading out everything that pulls you away from the…

Counselor's Corner: Is the Holy Spirit Leading You or Your Flesh?

Without being led by the Holy Spirit, we can do things we are not supposed to.

The enemy loves when we stay distracted and busy doing and going. I believe busyness is straight from the enemy. If you are a people-pleaser or need people approval it is very likely you will please man rather than being led by what the Holy Spirit wants. It feels better to our flesh to go along with what everyone else is doing.

Just because something seems rightto do, does not mean that it is!

We can wear ourselves out by agreeing to do everythingthat comes into our path.There are certain things we are not to be involved with even if it seems good and right. The Holy Spirit knows what is best for us, and what we can handle.

Reflect: Do you tend to make decisions or agree to do something because everyone else is going along but you already have a full plate or don’t have peace? Or do you just do what your flesh wants, not stopping to ask the Holy Spirit if He wants you to be involved?

The flesh is always dece…