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What to Do When You Are Disappointed

A relationship does not work out, a job does not go through, or your prodigal child that you have been praying for does not seem to leave their rebellious life. We all have experienced times of disappointment, and it is a normal part of life. What is important to know is that if disappointment is not dealt with, it can eventually lead to depression. This is a scheme from the enemy. Something you really wanted does not work out, you dwell on why it did not work out, and eventually you begin to feel depressed.

Your thoughts will always follow your behavior.
7 Things to do when you feel disappointed:
1.Consider that what may have not worked out could be God’s doing. Perhaps, He was protecting you from something you did not even know about. 2.Go before God and ask Him to help you deal with your disappointment, and to show you the truth. Ask God to show you His perspective on the situation. 3.Take every thought captive. Do not let your mind wander and think whatever it wants. When something dis…

Out With the Old and in With the New

Ask God what old things need to be discarded in your life, and what new things He is wanting to bring into your life. Get alone with God and ask Him what you need to let go of.
You may have to get rid of the old before God can make room for the new. Some things no longer work for us, and we need to have wisdom to what those things are. If you are going to purchase a new car and your old car is still in the garage, how can you make room for that new car? Some will try and fit the new car with the old car, but why would you want to hold onto your old car if it no longer is working? Some of us need to stop holding onto to the things in our past, so that God can make room for the new things He is trying to bring to pass.

Reflect and Ponder: Ask yourself what is no longer working in your life? For example you want to go forward in your life and experience all that God has for you but you are still holding onto selfishness, anger, bitterness, unforgiveness or pride. Perhaps God is asking you…

Counselor's Corner: How to Have Joy Again

Joy is not a feeling but a choice. You have to CHOOSE joy, otherwise you will succumb to your feelings and emotions. Our feelings and emotions can take us on a roller coaster ride. We can feel happy when our circumstances are going well and depressed when our circumstances are troubling. Joy, however, can be with us everyday through the good times and the not-so good times.

Joy does not =happiness. Biblical joy is a by-product of a confident, calm and relaxed state that trusts in the Sovereignty of God at all times. Happiness comes as a result of something positive happening to us or around us, such as getting a raise at work or when two people fall in love.

The fruit of the Holy Spirit is, “love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness and faithfulness.” Happiness is not mentioned as the fruit of the Holy Spirit. We cannot generate this true joy ourselves, it is the product of the Holy Spirit in us. This type of joy cannot be extinguished by the circumstances of life. As a Christian…

Counselor's Corner: Believing the Best About Yourself

We all have good qualities, strengths, and areas that we excel in, but when you believe the worst about yourself it can produce a negative outlook and attitude. Most do not intentionally desire to think the worst about themselves, but between failures, mistakes and the big one-what people think of us; these all can really hinder our ability to think good about ourselves. When you do not believe the best about yourself, you tend to have faulty lenses that cause you to look at yourself negatively. God certainly does not view you in the worst, in fact, He sees you as valuable and worthy. The reality is no on is perfect, and most of us try the best that we can to be decent, upright, and respectable.
Many have been damaged by the actions and opinions of others. If we know in our hearts that we did not intentionally try and harm someone, and have sought forgiveness of the Father with any part we played; it would not be beneficial to continue to believe negative about yourself. Holding onto …

Counselor's Corner: Developing Confidence

Confidence is the belief in one’s ability to succeed. Looking confident plays a part as well such as making eye contact and good posture. Confidence comes naturally for some people, but for many confidence has to be learned.

A confident person has healthy self-esteem for themselves and they feel good about who they are, as well as their worth. They acknowledge that they are not perfect, have faults, and do not overemphasize their weaknesses.

A lack of confidence can be a result of many factors including: fear of the unknown, past failures, criticism from others, lack of self-esteem, depression, trauma, betrayal or repeated hurts by someone that you love, and being disappointed that something did not turn out the way you hoped for.

Signs of lack of confidence:
1.Avoid doing certain things because you fear your inability to cope or handle the situation.
2.Withdraw from certain people or situations who tend to make you feel even more less confident.
3.Covering your lack of confidence by pre…

Counselor's Corner: Why is Maintaining Peace So Difficult at Times

Have you had one of those days or weeks where you had difficulty maintaining your peace? Did you truly desire to walk inpeace but turmoil, chaos or stressful situationsgot the better of you? If you answered yes to the above questions, you are not alone!

The enemy can set up situations that push your buttons and work your last nerve! I had one of those weeks last week. As much as I desperately wanted to maintain peace, I blew it, not at first but after the about the 50th distraction in one week I began to come unraveled. I had already had a long summer and was finally looking forward to having peace again. As women, we especially have to be more guarded to maintain our peace during our monthly cycles. It can be challenging to have your hormones take you on brief roller coaster ride while concurrently dealing with people and circumstances that make you want to come unglued.

If you are having trouble maintaining the peace that Christ has reassured us we have (not the peace that the world…

Counselor's Corner: When You Don't Know What to Do

Have you experienced a situation in your life that you have no idea what to do? You get perplexed, confused and anxious just thinking about the problem. You may have a problem in your life that is just unsolvable to you. The more that youtry and figure out how to solve your problem, the more complex the situation gets.

I recently had a situation come into my life that I had no idea what to do. I felt perplexed, anxious and worried at every turn. This problem I had made me feel backed into a corner, like I had no options but the one tangled mess in front of me. As much as I tried to sort through the rubble of mess in front of me-I could not! The more Itried to find a solution to the problem, the more unrest and agitated I was becoming. I felt smothered and squished as this problem kept getting more complicated. I grew increasingly frustrated as I could not discover how to make the crisis in my life stop.

I began to realize through all of my efforts to untangle the problem I was faced w…

Are You Led By Guilt, People-Pleasing or By God?

Do you say, “Yes,” to people when you don’t feel that you have the time or the peace about doing whatever they asked of you? Are you lead by guilt, people-pleasing or by God?

Without being led by the Holy Spirit, we can do things we are not supposed to.

The enemy loves when we stay distracted and busy doing and going. I believe busyness is straight from the enemy. If you are a people-pleaser or need people approval it is very likely you will please man rather than being led by what the Holy Spirit wants. It feels better to our flesh to go along with what everyone else is doing.

Just because something seems rightto do, does not mean that it is!

We can wear ourselves out by agreeing to do everythingthat comes into our path.There are certain things we are not to be involved with even if it seems good and right. The Holy Spirit knows what is best for us, and what we can handle.

Reflect: Do you tend to make decisions or agree to do something because everyone else is going along but you alre…