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Counselor's Corner: Is It Selfish to Take Some Time for Yourself?

People who are overworked, overwhelmed, or over-burdened need times where they can have a stress-free zone and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. God never intended for anyone to live under constant strain from the pressures of life. Living in a constant strain will break the strongest of people.

You may know you need some time to pull away from the pressures of life by the following signs:

·Negative thinking
·Gastrointestinal problems
·Lack of joy
·Inability to laugh
·Not able to enjoy the simple pleasures in life
·Low or no libido
·Little or no motivation
·Productivity at work suffers
·Difficulty getting up in the morning
·Difficulty staying or falling asleep
·Take life too seriously

Counselor's Corner: Getting Entagled in Other People's Problems

Should we ignore other people’s plights? Absolutely not! There are occasions that we should step-in and intervene when someone is having trouble whether financial, emotional or spiritual. When the Holy Spirit directs you to help a person in need you will have clear direction, clarity and peace. You will also have an inner knowing or a nudge deep down inside that lets you know it is okay to give your time, talent or treasures. You will not have to figure out how you are going to help or solve someone else’s dilemma because the Holy Spirit will show you their need and how you can go about meeting that need.

What happens when you are not lead by God to give or help someone, and is this even possible for a Christian not to help someone in need?

First, let’s define a true need versus those who do not want to take full responsibility for their lives. We all have needs from time to time, and as Christians there is a great joy to give to those in need. There are times when people get “down on…

Counselor's Corner: Freedoom from Being Manipulated by Your Loved Ones

Have you felt the pressure of guilt from your loved ones when they indirectly ask you to fulfill an unspoken request? You know that your loved one is hinting around for you to help them, but their language is twisted in confusion and half-truths so that you will be the one that has the “bright idea” how to solve their dilemma and they appear to be the helpless victim.

Codependent people can be easily manipulated and often times are, mainly because of their strong desire to recuse and fix other’s problems. Your loved ones that manipulate know your tender and merciful heart and will try and take advantage of that. Being a kind and generous person is great, but also being wise to when you are being taken advantage of is just as important. Jesus did not repeatedly help and rescue the same people, He helped once and then moved on to others. If your loved ones are needing repeated recusing, it is time to reevaluate your part.

Not sure if your loved one is manipulating you, these are some cl…