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Counselor's Corner: When Is It Time to Confront Lovingly?

As a Christian, it can be difficult to know when to keep giving mercy to someone or when it is time to confront lovingly. Our first response should be to give mercy and extend grace because we don’t know what someone may be going through. There are times when you will need to speak to others about their continued bad behavior.

→These are some tips to use when you are wondering if you should keep silent or speak up:

1.Is it an isolated incident? In other words, occurring once or very infrequently.
2.Are your boundaries being violated? We all the right to privacy, respect and boundaries. Are the people you are dealing with crossing lines repeatedly? Crossing boundaries once or twice should be overlooked, but numerous boundary violations should be addressed.
3.What is the frequency and the durationof what you are dealingwith? Is it the same people doing the same thing over and over again? We should overlook minor infractions by others but when disrespectful behavior becomes chronic with the …

Counselor's Corner: What Does It Mean to Quiet Your Soul?

Our minds can get cluttered and contaminated with worries, frustrations, and stressors. When our minds become disturbed with the negative and what all is wrong or could go wrong, we become anxious and fearful. An anxious and fearful mind leads to unrest or a feeling of uneasiness.

With all the negative clatter that comes to us through people, circumstances, and even the news; we need time to quiet our souls. Our minds were not created to deal with the constant stress and negativity that is all around, we were meant to live in peace and harmony. Sometimes in life our peace can be affected if we don’t take the time to align ourselves with stillness. Stillness can be a foreign concept to our busy and fast-paced way of living, but stillness before the Lord is not only soothing to our souls but it quiets our alarming thoughts.

→Quieting your soul is especially important if you have been feeling the stress and strains of life and feel that you are more irritable, aggravated, or tense.


Counselor's Corner: How to Take Things as They Come

Do you tend to project what may happen in your future or fret about things that have already occurred?

→85% of what you worry about never happens and 15% of what does happen, you can handle better than you thought you could.

When you live in the future predicting the outcomes or live in your past regretting decisions that you made, peace leaves. If you have been through some difficult seasons, learning how to stay in the present moment can be challenging. When you have been through a series of misfortunes your brain becomes rewired to a negative default setting gearing your body up for any future calamities. Our bodies undergo chemical changes that prepares us for any further dangers. A lot has to do with how you perceive the dangers in your life. If you have perceived the stressors in life as dangerous, you will begin to react to future occurrences that are similar in the same manner.

Don’t be hard on yourself if your reaction to a threatening situation in your life was trying to figur…

Counselor's Corner: Get Back on Track and Gain Your Momentum Again!

Have you had a difficult time staying on track? Maybe you have desired to accomplish your goals and have even tried multiple times to move forward with them. What happened? You lost focus and allowed distractions, annoyances, and stresses to sidetrack you.

Distractions can come from everyday living and some are sent from the enemy in hopes you will focus on them and get little or nothing accomplished. Whatever you focus on will become bigger. Before long, you lose your momentum. What is momentum? The strength of something that is moving or increasing in forward motion.

→Distractions, annoyances and stresses can cause you to stop and pay attention to them thus decreasing your forward motion of pursuing your goals.

→Steps to GETTING BACK ON TRACK AND Gaining your momentum again:
1.Get up earlier than everyone around you and connect to your power source-Jesus Christ. Spend time early being still and quiet in the presence of the Lord. Let God speak to your spirit about any strategies that …

Counselor’s Corner: Why is Maintaining Peace So Difficult at Times

Have you had one of those days or weeks where you had difficulty maintaining your peace? Did you truly desire to walk inpeace but turmoil, chaos or stressful situationsgot the better of you? If you answered yes to the above questions, you are not alone!

The enemy can set up situations that push your buttons and work your last nerve! I had one of those weeks last week. As much as I desperately wanted to maintain peace, I blew it, not at first but after the about the 50th annoyance in one week I began to come unraveled. I had already had a long summer and was finally looking forward to having a quiet and relaxing week, but it seemed what could go wrong, did go wrong! As women, we especially have to be more guarded to maintain our peace during our monthly cycles. It can be challenging to have your hormones take you on brief roller coaster ride while concurrently dealing with people and circumstances that make you want to come unglued.

If you are having trouble maintaining the peace that …