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Counselor’s Corner: Listen When Your Body is saying to Rest

In our fast paced culture, being busy is a mark of success. But is it really? Being busy and on the go all the time can create havoc on your physical bodies. Not getting the proper amounts of down time can cause stress and a decrease in your immune system. If you are under any additional stress in your life, then taking time to rest your body will be essential; otherwise your body will cause you to rest.
If you have any chronic stress in your life, taking sufficient times of rest can help rebuild your energy levels and aid in strengthening your immune system. In our society we are not taught that rest is good, in fact, we are encouraged to “burn the candle at both ends.” Life is short no matter how many years that you live. You can work constantly and never take vacation time and you can stay so busy with outside activities that the day is just a blur. What’s the point in working so hard you can’t enjoy the simple things in life? For more money, a better title/position, or to get the …

Counselor’s Corner: Accepting the Broken Dreams in Your Life

Years ago I believed that if I prayed enough and said the right scriptures for what I was believing for, my dreams would come to pass. I did everything I knew to do with the hope if I just did the right thing, maybe God would hear me and cause my heart’s desire to come to pass. I tried fasting, having other people intercede for my situation, following what other people did to get their “blessing,” I have begged and pleaded with God too many times to count, stood on the Word of God and truly believed that I could have what I ask for if I did not doubt, and I have broken generational “curses” off my family line. I have been standing and believing for certain situations for over a decade. When your dreams get shattered in half, you are left with tiny pieces of your life that you try to pick back up. You don’t know where to begin. You may feel lost as what direction to take now. What do you do when everything you wanted is far out of your reach, and people who are not even serving God get…

Counselor’s Corner: Enjoying Life in the Middle of Difficult Circumstances

Chances are if you have been going through a difficult circumstance that is unrelenting, you have had difficulty enjoying life. Depression can loom over you as you trudge through the muck and the mire of your adversity. Some mornings you just feel like pulling the covers over your head and would rather stay in bed until the calamities have passed. It is one thing to have a difficulty come through your life and leave, but it is entirely different when a difficulty parks and stays a while. Grief hits you smack in the face, and you begin to sink further and further like you were in quicksand. You don’t share with a lot of people what you are experiencing, because you are afraid the weights of what you carry will sink them as well.
It is possible to enjoy your life in the middle of your deepest and darkest pain, or what I like to refer to as, “the dark night of the soul, however, it won’t come easily. You will have to become a resilient fighter. You will have to decide one day when you ha…

Counselor’s Corner: God Convicts But Never Condemns!

You may have failed at a relationship, a ministry opportunity, or in another area of your life. God makes messes out of our mistakes, but the enemy whispers in our ears,” You shouldn’t have done that, now you’ve really messed up.” If we listen to the voice of the accuser for any length of time, we begin to get discouraged and not want to take any more risks or chances in life.
As important as it is to forgive others, we must forgive ourselves! Even if you sinned against God and others, all that you need to do is sincerely repent and turn from that sin. God may convict us in an area of our lives to bring us back into a right relationship with Him, but never to condemn us. When God convicts it is done lovingly, gently, and with a way out. When the enemy condemns there is discouragement, feelings of inadequacy and failure, and no way to rectify the situation.
Condemnation leads us believe that we will never change and we are not worthy of God’s love. The reality, Christians mess-up, fail…

Counselor’s Corner: When it’s Time to Let Go of a Relationship and Let God

Some relationships are harmful to us, and holding onto them may hinder us spiritually, physically, and mentally.

When do you know it is time to let go of a relationship, especially if their family? When you have done all that you can do and nothing has worked to mend that person or the relationship. You have held on so long to this relationship believing if you just did one more thing, perhaps then they would come around or treat you better.
There are times we are in codependent or enabling relationships that need to be let go of so God can rebuild that relationship in a healthy manner. Some relationships can recover quickly from betrayal, rejection, or trust issues, and other relationships need to be surrendered to God immediately. If you are experiencing worry, anxiety, fear, doubt, sickness, depression or low energy as a result of hanging-on to a relationship, it is time to let go and allow God to mend what you obviously have tried and cannot. It is not up to you to fix every broken…