Counselor’s Corner:How to Arise and Fight like a Warrior

Are you a warrior? A warrior is a person engaged or experienced in warfare, or a person who shows great vigor, courage or aggressiveness. As Christians we all are in an unseen war, and some Christians live defeated while others live like warriors.

Have you noticed that the enemy does not just sit back and easily let you move forward, make progress, or slay your “giants?” You must learn to become a fierce warrior to win the battle that is being waged against you in the unseen realm. You have to push through the advancements the enemy targets you with. You may not know that there is a war taking place, but anytime you feel discouraged, defeated, oppressed, depressed, or “battle fatigued,” you best believe there is an invisible war happening to cause you to give up. Everyone has felt like giving up at some point in their lives, but when you experience this spirit of defeat and oppression on a regular basis that says to you, “just give up, it’s too hard, or you’ll never get better,” it’s time to arise warrior and take your position!

If God has given you promises that you are to move into your Promised Land, yet time and time again the “giants” in the land appear larger than they are, and you cower back in defeat-you will stay in the wilderness defeated.

Reflect and ponder: Are you brave and courageous like a warrior or have you put your “weapons” down and surrendered to the “giants?” Do you know what your “giants” are? Are you ready to “slay your giants?”

Counselor’s corner:

How to become a warrior for the Kingdom of God:

1.      You must be disciplined, internally and externally. This means you are disciplined in your thought life as well as taking care of your temple (your body). You must be in top shape in all areas of your life.
2.      You must develop a singular mental focus on Jesus, His Word and His promises and not become focused on circumstances that you have no control over. If your circumstances begin to take over and you sense defeat, remember that you are a warrior and cannot get entangled in affairs that would seek to destroy you-move on and move on quickly!
3.      You must develop perseverance, even when it appears you are “losing the battle.” You will face times like you want to quit when faced with hardships and trials, but a warrior walks by faith and not by sight and believes God will come through. When a warrior falls in battle without surrendering or giving up, his spirit grows stronger.
4.      You must diligently train yourself to be a warrior through prayer, worship, reading the Word, praying in the spirit, and being still to hear God’s voice. If you don’t train yourself spiritually, you cannot expect to win the battle.
5.      You must face your “giants” (whatever has intimidated you or caused you to live in defeat). Facing your giant’s means by faith you speak the Word of God into those situations and you don’t move your position until there is complete breakthrough. You may also need to confront in love those who have intimidated you or caused you to live fearfully.
6.      You must become resilient, meaning able to bounce back quickly from the “flaming arrows” the wicked one tosses at you. A warrior will catch the arrow before it can penetrate the heart and throw it back to the sender. You must not look, dwell, or engage in the arrows that are thrown to you-disengage immediately and fight in the spirit.
7.      Warriors must live and breathe hope. Hope is a confident reassurance that God does hear your prayers and that you can trust His Word. Without hope, defeat is imminent.
8.      Warriors must have an attitude that is set on NEVER, EVER GIVING UP! When “battle fatigue” sets in or when the forces of darkness becomes hot on your tails, and you want to “throw in the towel,”-don’t! Set your mind that you will go out fighting for your complete victory, for your children and your family. Warriors fight until the end!
9.      Warriors must be brave, courageous, and fearless in the face of opposition. Warriors know that they are children of the Most High God and God does fight for them. Warriors know that God has their back! When you know that God has you covered no demon in hell can defeat you.
10.  Warriors trust their commander and leader (Jesus Christ). Warriors obey the direction of the One in charge.

It’s time to arise and become warriors for the Kingdom of God taking back all your inheritance as a child of God, and moving forward through the battleground courageously slaying your giants.


Be strong, and let us fight bravely for our people and the cities of our God. The Lord will do what is good in his sight.
2 Samuel 10:12

For everyone born of God overcomes the world. This victory that has overcome the world, even our faith.
1 John 5:4

For you have girded me with strength for battle; you have subdued under me those who rose up against me.
Psalm 18:39

Through you we will push back our adversaries; through Your name we will trample down those who rise up against us.

Psalm 44:5


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