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Counselor’s Corner Focus on What You Are Doing Right

Focus can be defined as what you concentrate on the most or the center of your attention. Are the thoughts about yourself centered on what you are doing right more or on what you are doing wrong more?

We all have faults, weaknesses, and have made mistakes. The problem is when the enemy places a magnifying glass over each one of your weaknesses, and your focus becomes distorted and all you can see are the negative aspects about yourself. Focusing on your deficits can cause discouragement, defeat, and depression. Focusing too long on what is wrong with you can cause you to shrink back and not go forward, and this is exactly where the enemy wants you-stuck in the past and living in defeat of your past mistakes. If God has forgiven your sins, He does not keep reminding you of your failures.

Reflect and ponder: What do you think of yourself most of the time? Is your focus on your good qualities and character more or on the negative? Have you allowed other people’s opinions about you to define what you think about yourself? What do you believe God focuses on about you? What do you love about yourself?

Counselor’s Corner: The enemy will attempt to get you to focus on all that is wrong with yourself. There are some key things to watch for and to recognize when the enemy has your focus distorted on the negative areas in your life.

1.      Your focus will turn to your circumstances more than to Jesus, and your circumstances will appear larger than they really are. When your focus shifts to all the distractions, chaos, and upheaval around you it is easy to feel anxious, uneasy, irritable, worried, and fearful.
2.      Confusion instead of clarity. You can doubt yourself, your strengths and your abilities because the enemy has you focused on what you have done wrong.
3.      Past hurts and insecurities are magnified. What you thought you dealt with in the past gets rehashed. This rehashing is an attempt to weaken you and to cause you to doubt what God is doing in your life. The past is used to hinder you as you attempt to move forward and enter a new season in your life. The enemy will try and derail progress and growth.

This week CHOOSE to focus on your strengths, your victories, and your good qualities. Write out what God shows you about yourself and CHOOSE to believe Him. CHOOSE to completely forgive yourself of any past mistakes and CHOOSE to love and nurture yourself. Be good to yourself. Don’t let the enemy erect lies in your mind about yourself, he is the accuser of the brethren.


Set your mind on things above, not on things on Earth.
Colossians 3:2

Fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.
Hebrews 12:2


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