Stay the Course, There is a Time for Everything.

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.
Ecclesiastes 3:1, NIV

We go through “seasons” or changes in our lives on a continual basis. Nothing is permanent on this side of heaven. As the seasons change in weather, so does the “seasons” change in our lives. Sometimes the seasons we are in are like the winter season, barren, no life, cold, dark, and harsh. Sometimes it seems like the winter will never end, but it does and a new season emerges. I realize that depending where you live you may not have different seasons, but let’s imagine we all live in climates that have four seasons, winter, summer, spring, and fall. Our lives change like these seasons in weather.

The fall season is time for planting and working to remove the dead leaves and other winter debris. The climate is not as harsh and coldness begins to let up. Just like in our lives when the fall season emerges we are getting a little break from the harsh winter. It is time to prepare and time to clean-up the dead things that winter has left behind. In a Spiritual sense we are getting time from God to clean-up our dead “fruit” and God begins to prune away at those dead things in our lives. It is a time of rebuilding and replenishing what the “winter” brought us. We must stay the course and allow God to do His work in this season because soon we will be going into another seasons.

The summer season is hot and it can be dangerous because of the heat and storms like hurricanes caused by the heat. Plants that were planted may begin to die if they are not watered daily. By the end of summer most people are ready for the fall. Sometimes the heat makes people tired and weary. In the Spiritual sense the summer season is a time of God sheltering us from the “storms” and the “heat.” He lets us know that He is protecting us and that if we make it through this time, He will bring us to the next season. It can be a difficult season, there can be much tiredness and weariness from the “storms” or attacks of the enemy. We may get restless in this season, and want it to end quickly. God may say to us during this season to stay under His protection. The enemy may be relentless during this season, and it may be one assault after another. Rest assured, this season will end. But like all other seasons you must stay the course and trust that Jesus will bring you out.

The spring season is the most favorite of seasons for a lot of people. The seeds have been planted and the trees pruned back in the fall and the spring blossoms them forth. The birds and butterflies abound plentiful in the air. The aromas of springtime are delightful. The weather is cool, not cold like the winter or hot like the summer; it’s just right. People stay out longer because the cold does not bother them as much nor the heat. In the Spiritual sense, the spring season is a time of rest and peace. Assaults from the enemy are low and we are in a good place spiritually. We are stronger because of our time in the winter and summer months. We have endured, preserved and we have overcome. It is a glorious time and a time of great harvest.

Whatever season you are in it will end and you move onto another seasons. Without spiritual seasons in our lives we would never grow. We must flow though the seasons in our lives with grace and trust that God will see us through.


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