Unplugging From Social Media and Electronics to Connect with God

Let’s face it, we are consumed with business and in particularly our electronics. Our social media has ravaged our time, and we can get sucked into all the drama that are on these sites. For many, the first thing that they do in the morning is check their emails and Facebook. Not only has social media replaced time with God, but also time spent with family.

You can frequently hear of people who say that they cannot live without their phone, or other electronic device. There is almost an addiction that comes with frequent use of these devices. This habit can instead take the place of pulling away to spend time with God. Many people bring their phones iPad, or tablet into where they are spending time with God-what a distraction! Believe me, the enemy will cause your phone to ring during this time or your iPad/tablet will beep to let you know you received an email.

Having an iPad or computer near you during Bible study time can be valuable for looking up scripture or reading devotionals and articles online. However, this should not be the case if these will be a distraction. We have to have time where we are still and listening for the Father to speak to us. This is more difficult to do if we are not unplugging from our devices and social media. There are times when I will unplug from all my electronic devices for an entire day, yep, that’s right-an entire day! You may say,” I can’t do that, I have children or other responsibilities.” Then unplug for 30 minutes a day. Do what you can.

The key is to not let your portable devices control you and take away your time to connect with God. If you are unable to put your phone or tablet down at all, there is a problem! That is unhealthy spiritually and mentally. I actually know people who go to the bathroom with their phones. There are others who cannot even have a conversation or meal with someone, because of their frequent checking of their phone. They can never be separated from their phone! How about we connect to God the way we connect to our phones?

There is no time to hear God when you are addicted to these devices. How can you hear God with everything else that competes for His time? Balance in using these electronics as well as social media is imperative to great spiritual health and connection with God. Some studies have found that daily use of Facebook can make people more prone to depression, anxiety, and other psychological disorders. Research has found that the more friends one has on Facebook, the less socially adjusted they are. If Facebook can have this effect on our relationships with others, what kind of effect do you think it has on our relationship with God? Most likely, there is a distance and disconnection to God. There must be time that we can step away from all of these gadgets, and get refreshed from the spirit of the living God.

CHALLENGE: Unplug from all your devices and social media for at least 30 minutes a day, longer if you can. Bring a journal, your bible, a pen and get ready to hear from God. Share with me your challenges and victories of unplugging. Got a praise report from this challenge, share with our readers! Thank you and may God bless you as you take this step to connect to the True Vine.


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