Do You Feel Like a Failure in This Performance-Based World?

How many Christians especially women, feel like you are not good enough at times? You feel you have to keep up with the performance of others. As women, we often look to other women as our guide to how to run our lives. This will always lead to disaster, because what we should do with our individual lives should come from Christ alone. God has a unique blueprint for each one of us, so if we compare our lives to others, we will end up frustrated.

Our worth and value does not come from what we do or even how much we do. Our worth and value comes from Christ; not performance. So many women are trying to keep up with the status and positions of other women, but God may not want you to do what other people are doing. God has a different plan for each of us. If we start to mimic our lives to other people’s lives, we can end-up feeling like a failure. God will not cause us to succeed in an area He has not called us to.

Ask God what His unique plan is for your life. Don’t try and follow or copy someone else. Learn to be content with what God has for you to do. Trying to live up to other’s expectations or other’s approval can make you feel like a failure. Getting your identity and worth from what you do instead of who you are in Christ, will cause you to feel like a failure.

God has designed each one of us with a purpose. Keeping up with what everybody else is doing, and not following what God has uniquely designed you for can make you feel incompetent. If God’s plan is for you to be a stay-at-home mom, stay-at-home wife with no kids, a career professional, or a ministry worker, then be okay with what God has for you. If you look to others in the world and try and copy what they are doing, you could get burned-out and frustrated because most people live hectic lives and are involved in way to may activities. We still have to make sure our top priority always is our relationship with Jesus.

No matter what God has you doing, if God has called you to it; you do not need to look to other people for your identity and worth. You are not like anyone else, and you talents and abilities are not like anyone else. Accept yourself exactly where you are at in your life, and what you are doing with your life. Nothing is wasted, what God has called you to is valuable. Know your priorities in life and stick to what God has for you.

Know what God has called YOU to do, and don’t compare it to anyone else! It is not really what you do in life that really matters, but knowing your identity in Christ is. Take your eyes off your neighbors, other stay-at-home moms and wives, other ministry workers, and co-workers, and instead look to God for your direction and purpose. It will be unique and you will not be able to copy it to someone else’s life.


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