Discipline Your Mind

Discipline your mind; otherwise it will be out of control. You cannot just think whatever falls into your mind. You must take every thought captive into the obedience of Christ. What are your thoughts generally like? Do you just allow whatever comes to your mind and start believing it and then eventually feeling it?

Every minute we have about 38 thoughts. That means we have a different thought every 1.2 seconds. The average person has about 50,000 thoughts per day. What we choose to accept as truth in our thoughts, we will eventually begin to feel that way.  Our thoughts are powerful and they can encourage us or destroy us. The battlefield is in the mind, and that is where satan plants his seeds. As these “seeds” are planted into your mind, do you water the seeds and let them take root?

You cannot help how you feel, but you can choose what you think and in turn what you choose to think about will affect how you feel. Your thoughts produce feelings. What are you agreeing with when the enemy plants a seed in your mind? It could be a seed of doubt or a seed of fear. Do you agree with what enters in your mind, because you believe it must be true if It is in your mind? Your feelings are deceptive and cannot be trusted.

We must discipline our minds not only to take every thought captive but also to replace the negative mind-set with positive, faith-filled thoughts. If you have a negative mind-set and you take every thought captive, you might be taking a lot of thoughts captive in the beginning. If we on estimate have 38 thoughts per minute and most of them are negative we will be up for a challenge. However, in time you can break this habit if you keep at it and totally rely on God’s help.

God cares about what we are thinking about because what we think about eventually becomes what we do. Our rotten thinking will eventually become our rotten attitudes. We will become what we think. Our thoughts are tied to our behavior. Most of us just think about whatever comes into our minds. Is your mind like a wilderness? All over the place and barren, not producing anything of value.

We are to have the mind of Christ, and any thoughts contrary to the Word of God we must get rid of immediately.

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