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Word of Encouragement: Counselor’s Corner: Cast your Cares on God

I have been having difficulty falling asleep at night. I am waking up tired and feeling unrested. The Lord brought to my attention that I am carrying many heavy burdens. Over the recent weeks it seems the enemy has done his best at dumping piles of garbage on me. I was okay with the first load he dumped on me, but then the loads become more frequent and heavier, pretty soon I was feeling weighted down. I did not mean for this to happen, but if we are not careful we can be caught off guard and entrapped by the snare of the enemy.
Have you ever had one of those days, weeks or even months where it just seems to be one thing after another? Pretty soon it can feel as if we are drowning in a sea of trouble. This is exactly what the enemy wants! When we begin to feel burdened, heavy, or weighted down by troubles; you can rest assure it is the enemy behind it. If we feel uneasy, restless or have waves of anxietywe are being bombarded with tactics from the enemy to keep us from God’s prefect p…

Word of Encouragement from the Counselor’s Corner: Change Your Perspective

If you have endured a long season of hardships and setbacks, you may have already come to realize the circumstances in your life may not change but your perspective about them can.
A definition of perspective is a particular attitude or way or regarding something. Changing your perspective can change your attitude. How you react to your circumstances is largely based on how you perceive your circumstances.
Optimism is a choice! Being optimistic or pessimistic is something you become through your perspective of experiences. How can two different people experience the same set of circumstances and one chooses to look at the “glass half full” and the other person chooses to see the “glass half empty?” CHOICE. You can CHOOSE to play the victim, and believe if you just did not have this or that in your life your life could be so much easier. You can CHOOSE to blame others for your hardships. Or you can CHOOSE to take full responsibility for your life and stop blaming others for your circum…

Word of Encouragement from the Counselor’s Corner: Be Still as God Fights Your Battles

When we are facing trials our instinct can be to try and figure out how to solve our problems. If you are a natural problem solver like I am it can be most difficult to be still because in our minds “do nothing” as problems surround us may seem impossible. A natural problem solver wants to solve their problem quickly. Problems have solutions, so problems that seem to have no solutions are terribly upsetting to the problem solver. Resting and waiting on God to intervene in our problems can be frustrating to someone who is a natural fixer. Many times we believe God is slow in acting, or perhaps we believe we have a better solution than God so we go ahead and forge ahead with our plan.
When we wait on God He promises to renew our strength (Isaiah 40:31).
Take time to separate from all that distracts you and be still before God. Don’t have your agenda or your plans on how you think God should intervene, but sit quietly before the Lord and listen for His still, small voice. Get to a place …