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Counselor’s Corner: What You Speak is What You Will Attract

There is power in the tongue or what you speak out, blessings and curses can go forth from your mouths.

What do you speak when difficulties arise or when you deal with the same circumstances over and over? What do you say about yourself? Do you speak that you are a blessed child of the Most High God or do you speak out every negative trait about yourself? Do you bless your spouse with your words, or do you tear them apart with sharp criticism and faultfinding?

What you speak out in the atmosphere can be picked up by angels or by demons. The demons love when you are using your tongue as an instrument to do their work. Your spoken words can attract angels and they can also attract the demonic. God has given you the creative power in words, you have the ability to agree with God’s spoken Word (the Bible), or you can align your words to usher in what the enemy says about you and your situations.

Reflect and ponder: What are you speaking out over your circumstances? Is what you speak align with God’s Word or the enemy’s? You will attract the angelic or the demonic by the words that you speak out.

Is it ok to share with a trusted godly person the difficulties in your life? Yes, but you don’t want to continue to share weekly the same messes. Whatever you do share, make sure that you have a time to infuse God’s truth into your conversation-in other words, all talk and no time for turning your woes into what God can do will open a door to the demonic.

Counselor’s Corner: If one of your spiritual gifts is the gift of encouragement, recognize that the enemy will try to get you to use your mouth for his purposes. Keeping quiet and speaking at a minimal will help. Being a busybody or constantly chit chatting on the phone with no real purpose can cause you to slip into using your mouth in an improper way. Listen more than you speak, and when someone is speaking negatively to you, interject God’s truths.

Everything you speak first starts with a thought. What you speak with your mouth shows where your heart is. You are either in submission to the Holy Spirit or to fleshy emotions.

The category of sin mentioned second most often in the Bible is that of the tongue (the first is sexual sin). I believe the enemy works overtime with our tongues because the power of spoken words is one that is able to heal, deliver, and break curses. If you speak negatively, it can bring word curses that can block or hinder the work of the Lord.

Blessings are spoken words with power to bring forth that which did not exist to come into existence. You have the ability to drive back evil forces by reversing the curses by speaking and decreeing blessings (by faith) that do not exist in your present situations as though they did. Even in your own family you can overcome a curse by pronouncing blessings that did not exist as though they did. Curses claim territory and blessings claim territory, so what is existing in the territory that you live in? This can include the territories of your neighborhood, church or work. Plead the blood of Jesus over the land you are praying for and mark the territory Holy ground that not even witchcraft power has room to operate in it. Pray that God dismantles all ungodly alters or hidden fetishes (an occult practice to place ungodly objects on property to curse people). Everything is subject to the power of the Holy Spirit and the blood of Jesus. Even pronounce your workplace to be Holy ground. Decree and declare everywhere you go to be Holy ground unto the Lord and invitee the presence of the Holy Spirit to invade that place and evict demonic forces. It does not matter where you are at-dedicate everything to God and where your feet touches the ground. Pronounce blessings over every single person who has cursed you. You want your enemies to come to know Jesus as Lord. Shield yourself from being offended by people’s actions. You don’t want to curse someone with your lips and opening doors of unforgiveness. Practice daily repentance, forgiveness and humility to shield your spirit from being contaminated by offense. Speak blessings into your life and other people to reverse the curse.

Sherline Watchu, The Power of Speaking Blessings to Break a Curse

Stop blocking God’s blessings by speaking negatively. God wants to bless you but you can become a hindrance to receiving God’s blessings when you speak things that are contrary to God’s Word. Make a decision to watch what comes from your mouth. When you speak negative words you’re claiming those words over yourself or others. Words are seeds that can yield a good or bad crop. The essence of our being was spoken by God-He spoke and then we were created. Blessings and curses are set into motion by the words we speak.

When you live a lifestyle of speaking out blessings over yourself and others, God will take notice and you WILL ATTRACT THE ATTENTION OF HEAVEN!

John Paul Jackson, The Mystery of Blessing and Cursing


Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and that they love shall eat the fruit thereof.
Proverbs 18:21

You will eat what you speak! The outcome of your future is a byproduct of what you speak.


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