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Daily Encouragement: Counselor’s Corner by Stephanie R. Reck, LMSW, LBT, BCCC: Distractions that Come to Cause You to Lose Focus and Peace

Distractions or minor annoyances happen to all of us such as when old cars need repairing or when leaky faucets need to be tightened. However there are some distractions that are sent by the enemy’s camp to cause us to lose peace and focus.

There is a difference between normal everyday distractions like browsing through Facebook instead of typing up your homework, and demonic distractions that occur more frequently such as over a period of days or back-to-back occurrences. Yes, we all have one of “those days” where if it “rains it pours.” I’m not talking about those types of days. Let me give you an example of demonic distractions. For the most part, I sleep well and soundly, but Sunday night as I was trying to fall asleep I became restless, agitated and sensed there was something “not of God” around my room. I immediately got up and prayed and rebuked whatever that was. I woke up Monday, a little tired since I had been up for some time the night before. I begin my day Monday sluggishly and prepare to type an article I had been working on for the day, when for no apparent reason my electricity goes out for two hours. Along with no electricity (which means no typing/internet access), two of my smoke detectors go off at the same time. I removed the batteries from the smoke detectors but they continued to buzz very loudly. I placed the smoke alarms outside and I could still hear them! Finally, after the loud buzzing stopped and my electricity came back on I tried to copy and paste my article as I normally would and could not. I tried to email my article as an attachment and could not do this either! Needless to say by now, I was frustrated and completely lost my focus. On Tuesday, a severe storm came through my town bringing high winds, heavy rain, lightening and tornado warnings. Mysterious things were hitting my house loudly as the storm pounded my street. This heavy storm that literally lasted all day made me lose my focus as once again I am trying to type my article for the day. On Wednesday, I woke up to heavy fog. Now fog is usually not a distraction unless you are driving in it or taking a morning run like I did on Wednesday Morning. I run across a bridge, and I could not see in front of me or behind me. When I got home from running, shortly later I am settling into writing for the day, when I hear my doorbell ring. I look out my window and a group of Jehovah Witnesses’ are at my door. The leave me a typed note and pamphlet at my front door. As many times as Jehovah Witnesses’ have come to my door, they have never left me a personal note! This typed note was addressed to me by name and it said, “They have been trying to reach me for a while and would like to talk to me about my relationship with Jehovah and where I would spend eternity.” This note disturbed me, I felt myself losing my peace as I was trying to defend my already relationship with Jesus Christ in my head and my confidence that I do know where I will spend eternity. I contemplated for a while writing this person back as she left her name and address on the envelope. I had much to say about my relationship with Jesus, but then I realized this little incident just took time from me that I needed to be working. Shortly after this incident, I received a phone call from a family member who informed me of something disturbing about another family member of mine. The phone call came at lunchtime, so I thought I could take the call, but after receiving this call for about an hour later I felt sick to my stomach, dizzy, and confused.

If you have made a decision to grow spiritually, mature in your walk with the Lord, pursue a ministry opportunity, move forward despite difficulties, or kicked a sin to the curb the enemy often sends distractions if he can’t destroy you.

Are we glorifying the enemy? ABSOUTLEY NOT! This is to expose and uncover hidden and covert operations in the enemy’s camp. As we resist the enemy and call upon Jesus to protect us, the enemy has to flee.

Reflect and Ponder: If you ever felt there was more behind your distractions? Ask the Holy Spirit to uncover and expose what may be going on. The enemy could be plotting to take your focus from the things that God wants you to do.

Counselor’s Corner: Satan is the master of distractions. He will try and distract us from our purpose, using people as his #1 tool.

Solomon did build a house for the Lord, but he also built places of idol worship for each of his foreign wives. The enemy used Solomon’s foreign wives to distract him from whole-heartedly serving God (1 Kings 5:5).

If the enemy can’t destroy you he will distract you. If he can’t convince you to give up, he will divert your attention. Distraction is a challenging weapon of the enemy because we often do not realize he is using it against us.

Top (3) things the enemy uses to distract us with:

1.      Problems. Yes, life is filled with problems but when problems come to you and there is no solution in sight, just confusion and chaos-there is an underlying sinister work happening, one to derail you of peace, joy and focus.
2.      People. Yes, as Christians we should love others but there are times that the enemy will send people in your path to distract you. Keep in mind the enemy can come as an “angel of light” and we will need to use our discernment in these situations.
3.      Purpose. We each have a unique purpose, and there are times that “good” opportunities come our way but it can distract us from the “great” opportunities God has for us.

►In ministry, many Christian lives appear like a heaping plate of super involvement in various church activities coupled with complaining about their busyness and stress. Rather than devoting 100% to a particular ministry, these Christians spend 10% in several different ministry departments-these folks are split or distracted.

Always love others by praying for them, blessing them with your words, and forgiving but you may need to detach and distance yourself from others who are a distraction.

Distractions are often spiritual warfare, subtle, with most people not recognizing this underlying battle. Don’t let problems prevent you from moving forward. Stop.Pray.Worship.Refocus. Take the authority that Jesus Christ gives to believers and command the spirit of distraction to go in Jesus name.


Lest satan should get an advantage of us; for we are not ignorant of his schemes. 2 Corinthians 2:11

Submit yourself to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you.
James 4:7


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