Word of Encouragement

Some days are just easier than others. There are days when I seem to "fly" out of bed,and other days I don't want to get up at all. I began to ponder this morning of why that is. Perhaps we have not connected to our source of strength (Jesus Christ), like we should. I know for me personally when I have not truly plugged into time with God, I tend to not function as well. I have had a busy couple of weeks and have not truly just sat at  Jesus' feet and listened to His still small voice. Why you may ask? I have been distracted with my "to-do list." I do spend a little time praying and reading the Word, but I have not stopped in a long time to just sit before Jesus and wait for Him to speak. 

My thought is, "How can I stop and wait to hear the Lord when there is so much to be done and so little time." BUT, how can I not!

I encourage you to make the time to sit at Jesus' feet today and drown out all the distractions that come. You will have to actively tune-out the distractions, because they will come. Stop today and go and be with the Father. He is calling you today to be beside Him so that He can give you direction, guidance and to pour out His love upon you. 


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