Word of Encouragement for the Hurting:

May you know that you are valuable not because of what you do, but whose you are! You may feel alone, rejected, and may be experiencing deep pain; but God desires to bring the healing balm of Gilead to your heart. God loves you right where you are at, not when everyone finds acceptance in your performance or behavior. God sees your caring heart and your compassion towards others, and knows your desires to help others. God knows your longings and unmet needs and He has seen every tear that you have shed. God says, “You are good enough, stop trying to impress everyone.”

God sees your hurting and aching heart and the loneliness that you feel. God says that “He is Emmanuel, the God that is with you.” God knows that you have tried to connect to others, only to be burned over and over again. He knows that you do not have the strength to try again and to feel rejected all over again. God has a few followers who will come alongside of you, but it won’t come in large groups. Remember, Jesus did not have a large intimate group of people around Him. He had His 12 disciples in His inner circle, and even in His inner circle there were ones who betrayed Him. Jesus understands your difficulty in connecting to others after betrayal and rejection. Don’t try and be anything that you are not, or force yourself to fit into a certain group. You are unique and tailored-made, and you have always known that about yourself. You never really fit into a certain group of people AND you still don’t.

You walk closely with the Father, but not everyone understands this. Some think that you are weird, a recluse, or that something is wrong with you. God has a perfect relationship with you and nothing can take His place. You have put the Father first in your life, over family, friends and ministry. YOU HAVE KNOWN THAT NO ONE OR NOTHING CAN HEAL YOUR BROKEN HEART, SO JESUS WANTS YOU TO CONTINUE TO RUN TO HIM, OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Others will not understand your solitude with God, but you are truly not alone for you are with your Father and at His feet. You are no longer running to people or to groups to get answers and help, but you are running to the feet of Jesus who has all the answers. God will be the One who turns your mourning into laughter, not a person. For you and the Father are one. You don’t move until the FATHER SAYS MOVE AND YOU DON’T GO UNTIL TH FATHER SAYS GO.


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