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Prodigal parents at Christmas

Christmas time is supposed to be the most wonder time of year, right? Sure, it is but as prodigal parents we often feel the sting of exposed and raw emotions at Christmas. We are surrounded by happy families at church singing Christmas carols that remind of us that are loved one is not with us. If I can admit something, going to church this time of year is hard for me. I love Jesus and I do enjoy going to church, but certain times of the year are hard for me to attend such as Christmas and Mother’s Day. It is a reminder to me of what is missing in my life. I know we are not supposed to attend church for those reasons, but I cannot help that my heart is somewhere else during these times. I have a momma’s heart, and when I do not know where my child is or when or if I will speak to him, it makes it a little difficult to puton a smiling face and walk through the church doors. I go masking my pain, but secretly I want someone to ask me, “Are you okay?” Sometimes I wish others knew what I …