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5 Reasons We Compare Ourselves to Others

You are unique, one of a kind, really you are! What happens when you look to others to find out how to act or even what to do? Disappointment and frustrated. We were not made to copy other people’s lives. God created each one of us different, with different talents, abilities, and gifts. You may admire someone else’s gifts, but if you try and copy what they are doing you will end up very frustrated. We can never do exactly what someone else does. If we look to another person and what they are doing, we can lose who we are. We will never truly be happy with someone else’s life!
5 reasons we compare ourselves and even try to replicate what others do: 1.Insecurity. We do not know who we are in Christ or what God has called us to do individually, so we look to others to figure it out. 2.Fear. We want to be well-liked and approved of. We try and fit-in and do what everybody else is doing. 3.Listening to others. Many people can give you ideas about your life’s calling, but you must hear and co…