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Dealing with the Spirit of Suicide

This is a difficult and sensitive subject to talk about. Many have dealt with thoughts of suicide, and have been too fearful to tell someone. Having generational curses and familiar spirits in this area can cause you to have a bent towards these spirits. A bent meaning, a weakness towards feeling or having thoughts of suicide. Usually this spirit is very patient and can wait as long as it needs to gain advantage during times of weakness. A spirit of death has one intention and that is to destroy. This is very real, though we do not wage war against flesh and blood, but unseen forces. These demons are unseen, but can be discerned spiritually as very real to us. We may hear a voice or voices in our minds that say,” You can have relief from all your pain.” You can even hear demonic voices that can taunt you with thoughts that God does not love you, or that you have messed up so badly that there is one solution-death. Be mindful that if you have a family history of mental illness, suicide…