Keep Your Thoughts on Jesus Not Your Circumstances

What have you been thinking about lately? Are your thoughts centered on the goodness of God, or the cares and concerns of this world? It is easy to think about all that is wrong with us, the world, or those around us. If we are not careful, we can get consumed in our negative thinking. This type of thinking will almost certainly make us feel discouraged and possibly even depressed. So, why do we tend to think of our problems more than focusing on the greatness of God? One theory is that it makes us feel better, or so we think that it does. In reality, those thoughts that we have that reflect our difficult circumstances can actually make us feel worse. Keeping our eyes focused on what is wrong instead of what is right in our lives, is surely a scheme and trap from the enemy. If the enemy can get you to focus on what he is showing you, you will live in defeat and not the victory that is yours in Jesus Christ. You may be saying, “Yeah, but you don’t know my problems.” True, I don’t, but nothing is too big for Jesus to solve or to handle. Instead of worrying, fretting, analyzing, or fearing the worst case scenario, how about instead praising God that He will work all things out for the good of those that love Him Romans 8:28).

Changing our thinking and perspective to focus on the power of Jesus instead of our problems, can seem strange at first, especially if you have had a habit of negativity. Start by acknowledging that your way is not working, and confess to Jesus that your mind has been a mess and you need His help to overcome this area in your life. God desires that you live in peace, this will not come by keeping your eyes on all that is wrong. Even if everything seems wrong in your life, and there is much difficulty surrounding you; there is always something to be thankful for. Challenge yourself this week to reflect on things that you can be thankful for. Don’t let the enemy bog you down with his lies that there is nothing good in your life. Even if some of your prayers have gone unanswered, keep believing that God’s ways are better and His timing is perfect. Settle in your mind that you do not have to have everything figured out or even perfect to enjoy life. God wants you to start enjoying life, but that cannot happen until you begin to focus your thoughts on things above.

If a thought enters your mind that is unwholesome or not praise worthy, cast it down! Don’t dwell or ponder on negative reports or thoughts that are not aligned with the Word of God. God is good, the enemy and his plans are not. God is the author of all that is good, the enemy is the creator of all that is evil.

Do your thoughts need an overhaul? Do you need to repent for your thoughts? If a situation arises that is most difficult to you, STOP first=Stop and pray, Trust that God will intercede for you, Oppose the enemy at his onset, and Praise the Lord for the victory that shall come. Remember when a stressful and difficult situation arises, don’t resort back to taking your eyes off Jesus, but STOP! This little acronym can keep your eyes focused on Jesus and cause you to live in peace, joy, and constant victory. Keeping your eyes on the problem will keep you defeated every time.

Share with me ways that you keep your eyes focused on Jesus instead of your problems. I would love to hear from you! Blessings of the Lord be upon you.


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