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Reconnect and Rebalance with God the Father

Sometimes our lives get so hectic and busy that we unplug from our power source, Jesus Christ. This is not always intentional, life takes over sometimes and before you know it our relationship with God has been put on the back-burner. Distractions do come into or lives, and some do not appear bad. When we come out of the flow of the Holy Spirit, and start doing things in our own strength, we will become agitated, frustrated, and we will lose our peace.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and distracted by circumstances, it’s time to reconnect with the Holy Spirit. Many things come into our lives that can take our focus off Jesus and His ways. Jesus brings peace, refreshment, joy, and love. When we get out of balance we may become anxious, worried, fearful, and begin to gaze at our circumstances. This life is not easy and sometimes we get distracted with life’s problems and concerns. If we are honest, there is a lot we can get distracted about.
God may be calling you to step away from the …