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Reconnect and Rebalance with God the Father

Sometimes our lives get so hectic and busy that we unplug from our power source, Jesus Christ. This is not always intentional, life takes over sometimes and before you know it our relationship with God has been put on the back-burner. Distractions do come into or lives, and some do not appear bad. When we come out of the flow of the Holy Spirit, and start doing things in our own strength, we will become agitated, frustrated, and we will lose our peace.
Reconnect and rebalance with God the Father. His burdens are not heavy. He will give you rest.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and distracted by circumstances, it’s time to reconnect with the Holy Spirit. Many things come into our lives that can take our focus off Jesus and His ways. Jesus brings peace, refreshment, joy, and love. When we get out of balance we may become anxious, worried, fearful, and begin to gaze at our circumstances. This life is not easy and sometimes we get distracted with life’s problems and concerns. If we are honest, there is a lot we can get distracted about.

God may be calling you to step away from the distractions, the turmoil, the confusion, and just focus on Him. You might feel going to church is enough to recharge you, but it is not. You need to spend time with Jesus yourself. Church can and does help, but it is simply not enough. We need to hear from God and we need to come away from all that distracts us to hear Him. We must get still and be still to hear His voice. You may need to lay some things down at Jesus’ feet and surrender all that concerns you. You may need to step away from the “crowds,” and listen for Jesus to speak to you. If the enemy can get you distracted, you cannot hear God as clearly. You may be doing many good things for others, but if you are not communing with God regularly and replenishing with God, you will get out of balance. Distractions keep us busy, therefore it causes us to become tired, which then leads to us becoming weak. When we are weak then the enemy knows we are a prime target. Do not think you can serve, do good works, and not be replenished with the Lord. Everyone needs refilling, most people are performing with their “cups” empty. If your cup is empty you will be a disservice to yourself and to others. Know when you have had your limit, and look for these signs that you need to step away (agitation, irritability, tiredness, heaviness/feeling burdened, overwhelmed, anxious, sadness/depression). Do not believe you are superhuman and you can continue when you feel these things. Everyone has a caution light that is build-in to our system. When you experience the caution lights of tiredness, being agitated, etc., listen to your body. If you do not heed the warning light it can lead to burn-out, exhaustion, and possible even sin. When we experience the above caution symptoms, it weakens us, thus can led us to temptation, and if the opportunity presents itself to sin, you could be too weak and tried to resist the temptation. This is real and it happens to many non-intentional, believing Christians. You need to know when you are at your limit, and then say, “No,” turn your phone off, turn off all electronic devices, and find your quiet spot and rest, replenish, and reconnect to your power source. Then, you can continue with the things you were doing, sometimes you need an entire day, and if you are extremely tired and burned-out, a week with God can help. You might say, “I don’t have that kind of time.” Make whatever changes so that you can have as much possible time with God as you can. You don’t have to be legalistic, you can recharge with nature, God does speak through His nature; taking walks, and just “unplugging” from phones, social media, and not being available for every need to help.

If you are unable to hear God or sense His presence because of all the distractions and business of your life, step away and reconnect to God the Father. Your life may be out of balance, and you may need to rebalance your life. If you are more concerned about your circumstances, including people, and you have unplugged from the power source; your life is out of balance. Many people and circumstances will pull at you, be discerning when and who to help and when to pull away. Listen to your body, your mind, and check how your spirit is doing. Have you become critical, negative, lost your peace and joy? Are you fatigued? Do you feel God is far off somewhere? These are signs that you need to reconnect to the power source.

Quiet your spirit, get alone with God, and reconnect and rebalance your life. Get in-tuned to what the spirit is saying to you, not the distractions or other people. In our culture, quieting ourselves is not easy to do, but it is important that we unplug from all our sources of distractions to hear God clearly.

Ways to know your life is spiritually balanced:

1.       You are at peace.
2.       You can experience joy.
3.       You feel “light” and not burdened.
4.       You are not fearful, anxious, or worried.
5.       You focus on Jesus not your circumstances.
6.       You are thankful and give praise to God.
7.       You don’t feel heavy or oppressed; you are not carrying the burdens of others.
8.       You can hear God louder than the voice of the enemy.
9.       Your focus is on pleasing God not man.
10.   You are able to enjoy your life and not feel guilty when you do.
11.   You are at rest that Jesus will take care of all that concerns you.
12.   You are full of faith and believe God is working things out for your good.
13.   You are content and are accepting of your life.

If you are around people who are taking from you more than giving, spiritually immature, or unbelievers; you need to know when to unplug from them and replenish with God. God needs to refill you and build you up so that you can truly be a light in the dark world. God does not expect you to give exhaustively until all off your strength runs out, know when you need to step away. It is okay to step away and plug into the power source. It is okay to say, “No” to others and it is okay not to answer your phone, your emails, or respond to your social media accounts. We live in a day and an age where we think we are indispensable with our phones and social media, but we did not live that way once upon a time. People had to wait to get a hold of us if we could not answer our home phone (not cell phone), and people had to wait to hear form us when snail mail was sent to us, not an instant email. We survived then, and we can and others can survive if we need to unplug from theses sources.

                        How to balance your life and prioritize your life:

1.       God first.
2.       Your spouse.
3.       Your children.
4.       Your job/ministry.
5.       Extended family.

If your life is not in balance, let’s say you have your job and ministry as #1, you need to reprioritize. If you have your children ahead of your spouse or if God is last on your list, it’s time to rebalance your life. You may have a demanding career or you may be in full-time ministry, therefore if they are #1 on your list, and God is not first then your life will get out of balance. With hectic schedules, weed out what you can, wake up earlier, spend time on your lunch break, take a day off if and when you can, and spend time with God on your day off. You don’t have to be legalistic, remember you can recharge and reconnect to God outdoors in nature, walking, being still, unplugging from all electronics to hear Him, and journaling. God is a creative God, and your time with Him will always be refreshing no matter how you spend time with him recharging. He knows how you may need to recharge.


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