Feeling Frazzled?

What a hectic week I had. I was running from this event, to this activity, and still squeezing in time to minister to others. However, at the end of the week I was tired, stressed, and a bit irritable. Can anyone relate to this madness of keeping up with the demands and fast pace life we can have? Did I mention trying to keep up my social media accounts for work, balancing family obligations, and making time for my husband? By the weekend, I realized I made everything and everyone a priority over placing my time with God first. We will suffer either mentally, physically, or spiritually when we put things ahead of God.
Do you ever feel this way?

Why do we get frazzled?

1.      We take on too much responsibility.
2.      We do things out of obligation rather than God directing us.
3.      We fear saying, “No,” to others and letting people down.
4.      As women, we seriously think we can do it all.
5.      The enemy sends distractions (even things that seem like a good thing).

If you have felt this way, run to the feet of Jesus immediately. Tell someone, “No, I can’t today,” or shut off your phone, stop obsessively checking your emails and social media, and shut the TV off. If you can carve out a day or half a day to replenish with God. Things can wait, and God will send someone else to help whoever you believe needs your help.

When you feel your “cup is empty” you will exhibit these signs:

1.      Fatigue/exhaustion
2.      Irritability/anger
3.      Stress/overwhelmed
4.      Feeling burned-out
5.      Anxious/restless
6.      Forgetful/easily distracted
7.      Depression/discouragement
8.      A lack of peace, joy, and contentment
9.      Weakened immune system

It is not God’s will for you to feel burned-out and exhausted. Stop comparing yourself to others. Some people can do more and go more, and some have not learned how to place boundaries on their lives. Copying what others do is a sure recipe for disaster. God did not create you to be like others, and to follow what someone else does. Be your own person, and be comfortable that you are not built like anyone else.

Reprioritize your schedule, and leave only the things you must do. You will feel different for doing this. Few people, including Christians and sometimes especially Christians, have difficulty balancing and prioritizing their lives; that is why you cannot follow after others. Even if you are the only one who has balance in their lives, then be a leader. As things come your way, ask God, “Is this what you have planned for me?” So many people never do this, and wind-up doing just whatever falls into their path. Do what God is leading you to do. This will require you to not be a people-pleaser, and to be obedient to God. 


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