Quiet Your Spirit

Quiet your spirit and allow God to take your burdens. Rest in Him.

There are many distractions that compete for our time, such as, family responsibilities, work, ministry, friends, and even time on social media and other electronic devices. If we truly want to hear God’s voice, we must unplug from all these sources at times. You may not think that is possible, but there can be a balance, with God the Father getting first priority.

In God’s presence our spirit gets a rest, and we are quieted from the hustle and bustle of life. God gives each one of us the same amount of time every day, however, not all of us use our time wisely. We spend our time on frivolous things or waste it away on countless hours on Facebook, tweeting, checking emails, texts, and other social media accounts.

If your mind has been cluttered, and your living life in a hurry, it’s time to step away and get into the presence of God. Our brains are on overload, and if we do not stop and take the time to unplug from distractions, we can end up overwhelmed and fatigued. We are not meant to go non-stop, and never pull away from our activities. Even Jesus pulled away from the crowds to be alone with the Father. Distractions, are just that, they distract us from keeping our full focus on Jesus. Some distractions like work and family responsibilities cannot always be avoided, but there can be a balance with these responsibilities. If we are feeling anxious, worried, defeated, overwhelmed, or fearful, our spirit needs to be calmed. This cannot come from the world, but only through time with the Lord. There is no substitute for this kind of time.

You can have tranquility in your spirit by listening to praise music, sitting quietly before God, reading the Word of God, journaling what God speaks to you, reading the book of Psalms, and unplugging from sources of interferences. You may need to do this for a half day, whole day, or however long it takes to be at peace. It is okay not to be at every activity, every event, meet everyone’s needs all the time, check your email and social media, and even to turn your phone off when you can. There was a time when we lived without cellphones and a time we did not have computers or the internet. Live uncluttered as much as possible.

“He maketh me to lie down in green pastures. He leadeth me besides the still waters.” Psalm 16:9


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