New Year, New Season, and Letting Go

In order to step into your new season, you have to let go of the past. Letting go of all that hinders you. This is a time to leave the “wilderness” and enter into your “promised land.” You cannot carry old, dead-weights into your promised land, but you must diligently lay aside all that would weigh you down; your burdens and concerns of this world. For some, you will not be bringing much of anything of your former season into the Promised Land. It is by and through obedience we take what God shows us into our new season, Promised Land.

These are some things that will hinder you arrival into the Promised Land:
1.       Religion, traditions of men, and legalism.
2.       Toxic and unhealthy relationships.
3.       Anything that hinders your faith, would cause you to stumble or to sin.
4.       Old childhood wounds and current wounds. No victim mentalities in the Promised Land.
5.       Fear of man, people-pleasing, and people approval, along with false responsibility, false guilt and condemnation.
6.       Bitterness, anger, and unforgiveness. We must choose to forgive, release anger and walk in love.
7.       Complaining, murmuring, fault-finding, judging, and criticizing.

We must be free of the entanglements of the world, and go forth in the calling that God had laid out for us. This is a season of change, opportunity, restoration, and open doors. It is time to stop counting all of our losses, reflecting and talking about our wounds, and instead be healed and victorious through Christ.

From the book of Joshua, chapter 5, we read that the Israelites spent 39 years in the wilderness unnecessarily because they were terrified of the Canaanites. They underestimated God’s ability. The Israelites’ first attempt to enter the promise land failed (Numbers 13, 14).

Don’t underestimate God in this new season. If we are faithful to God, He will cause great opposition to disappear.

Reflection/Discussion Questions:
1.    What is preventing you from entering your promised land? What “giants” like the Canaanites are you fearful of?
2.    What do you need to lay aside (look over questions 1-7) to enter the Promised Land?
3.    Have you entered the Promised Land before and did not stay? Do you believe God can cause your great opposition to disappear this time around?

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