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Pebbles- Satan's Little Distractions

Pebbles are little grains that if you step on one it does not bother you, bu t if you step on several tiny pebbles you will feel it. This is an analogy of how satan operates in our lives at times. He goes around looking for how he can disrupt you and hinder you, if his attempts fail, he will bring the “little pebbles” into your life.
What are “little pebbles?” Have you ever had a day or week where you begin to feel tired and worn-out, and nothing major has happened or a crisis? You may wonder why you are beginning to feel tired and possibly even irritable. These little pebbles can come to you through multiple, distracting phone calls, or family wanting to drop-in for a quick visit, or you run into someone from your past, or you begin to have trouble with your brakes on your car. If these events happen separately than usually we are able to go right through them, but when these occurrences happen all in the same day or week, it can be distracting and begin to get a little over whelming.…