Pebbles- Satan's Little Distractions

Pebbles are little grains that if you step on one it does not bother you, bu
Pebbles at the beach.
 Have you ever stepped on several pebbles barefoot?
t if you step on several tiny pebbles you will feel it. This is an analogy of how satan operates in our lives at times. He goes around looking for how he can disrupt you and hinder you, if his attempts fail, he will bring the “little pebbles” into your life.

What are “little pebbles?” Have you ever had a day or week where you begin to feel tired and worn-out, and nothing major has happened or a crisis? You may wonder why you are beginning to feel tired and possibly even irritable. These little pebbles can come to you through multiple, distracting phone calls, or family wanting to drop-in for a quick visit, or you run into someone from your past, or you begin to have trouble with your brakes on your car. If these events happen separately than usually we are able to go right through them, but when these occurrences happen all in the same day or week, it can be distracting and begin to get a little over whelming. Be careful for the small things that can quickly add up. One or even two “small pebbles” someone can handle with ease, but when several distractions happen at once you can begin to lose your peace and joy. This is the scheme of the enemy to throw you off course by “throwing tiny, multiple pebbles” in your path. The first couple of pebbles you do not feel, but after a while the pebbles become a distraction and an annoyance. You notice you are a little more irritable and annoyed. You may find yourself becoming snappy.

Don’t react to these “little pebbles” but go to the Father and let Him pour truth, guidance, and wisdom upon you. Shake the “pebbles” off and begin to take the authority you have in Jesus Christ. Command the schemes, operations, and distractions be broken in the name and authority of Jesus Christ.

When small things come at you all at once, even if they seem good, it is time to step back and ask God for discernment. Just because something seems good it can still be a distraction that is why we need the discernment of the Holy Spirit.

Therefore submit to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you.
James 4:7

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