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A lot of people of God are worn-out, tired, and lacking Holy Spirit fire. We are worn-out and tired for several reasons. We try to please man and not God. We are more concerned about what people think of us or will think of us than what God wants us to do. We don’t want to let people down so we do things God has not told us to do. We have difficulty managing our lives and our lives are out of balance. We feel we have to be a part of every church activity and have to be at every church service. We look around at what others are doing and we try and do what they are doing, but God does not call everybody to do everything. There are some Christians who want to be “super Christians,” but that is not God’s plan for your life. God has something for each of us to do, but He does not have everything for us to do. We are worn-out and tired because we don’t say, “No” to our family and friends. There is a time to help when the Holy Spirit directs you and then there is a time to let it go and let God. If you are trying to be everyone’s Holy Spirit then you are not in His Divine rest.

As Christians we believe that if there is a need we must meet it, and if there is something my church is doing I must be a part of it. There is a Divine order to your life and it follows in this order: God first, marriage second, children third, and lastly work/ministry. That’s right, your main concern right now may not be to be helping everyone in your church but being there with and for your family. A lot of Christians have this order all wrong, and you especially see this order at of place in church leadership. I do not believe that is how God wants us to live; out of order. If your family life is falling apart or your children are in need of more family time, then it is time to reorder your life. You will risk burn-out, being worn-out, tired and frustrated if your life is out of balance.

A balance in your life will led to His Divine Rest. If you’re doing more in one area in your life, then chances are your life is out of balance. For instance if you spend most of your time doing church activities and attending church services then building your marriage; you are out of order. If you are tired and worn-out from doing; then stop doing and start being. Being in His presence more than being at this event or activity or even helping when it is not God-led.

Divine rest means your life will flow and it will have peace, rest, and order in each area of your life. One area in your life won’t be larger than other areas in your life. This is especially important to people in ministry, church leadership, or anyone else serving in His Kingdom. If you are not taking a Sabbath day in your week, and you are filling your time with needless things, you are in jeopardy of getting burned-out. There is such a thing as ministry burn-out. When you are “burning the candle at both ends” it is hard to see you may one day wear yourself out. A lot of people believe they have that kind of energy and endurance to last a lifetime, but we don’t. Our bodies are created for rest and balance. You don’t even have to be in ministry to get burned-out. You can just be a misled Christian believing that as a Christian you have to meet every need and have to help at any cost. This kind of thinking and doing will also burn you out. I have seen this time and time again working in ministry and being around Christians long enough. We are not supposed to be and do everything. We must pray and wait for the leading of the Holy Spirit.

 When we enable, fix, try to control outcomes, and feel responsible for everything and everyone we are in danger of falling into Christian Co-Dependence. This type of Co-Dependence is different then secular Co-Dependence that you may know about. Christian Co-Dependence is a set of beliefs and behaviors that Christians do that support and enable others dysfunctions, addictions and bad habits. As Christians, we fall prey to this because of the belief or lie that as Christians we are supposed to do everything that comes into our path. This type of behavior will also led to burn-out and exhaustion. Co-dependence can get confusing because it is wrapped around doing “good stuff.” Co-Dependency is shame-based and motivated by the needs of others, usually this stems from behaviors learned from our family of origin.
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There remains therefore a rest for God’s people of God. For he who has entered His rest has himself also ceased form his works as God did from His.
Let us therefore be diligent to enter that rest, lest anyone fall according to the same example of disobedience.
Hebrews 4: 9-11, NKJV


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