Have you been in a rut lately? Are you going through the motions of life? Maybe it’s time to get stirred up again in the spirit. You might be wondering, how? Sometimes God speaks to us or gives us things to do, and we either ignore what He says to do or we procrastinate doing what He said; hoping He will change His mind.

What I have learned is to obey God as soon as you know He has said something. God is not pushy, nor will He make us feel guilty and condemned if we decide not to follow what He says. But we may notice a few things if we don’t obey God. We may notice our connection to God feels distant, we may lack joy or peace, and we may even feel confused. Why these things? It’s God’s desire to get you to follow His ways, which are for our good not harm. God won’t keep telling you to do the same things over and over again. He will step back and leave your life up to you; how you think your life should be. Living out of God’s obedience can cause a sense of unrest in your spirit. You can be affected in your mind, body, and spirit when you decide to follow your ways.

Maybe it’s time for a new season. Maybe it’s time to follow what God is telling you. Do you want more peace, more joy, and a more fulfilling relationship with God? Maybe it’s time to ask God, “What do you want me to do?” And then do it!

Here are some things the Lord gave me to be obedient with a while ago. I did not follow immediately, and I can say, “It is worth following God the first time.” Use these as a guideline, but seek God for yourself as to what He wants you to do. You may modify or add to this list.

·         Stop looking back. The past is over. This is a new day and a new season.
·         Don’t project the future, what it will be like or what it won’t.
·         Focus on the day you have been given. Take it one day at a time.
·         Trust me to work out your situations. Don’t try and figure them out.
·         Remain calm and peaceful at all times.
·         Do not complain, murmur or find-fault.
·         Do not criticize or judge others.
·         Speak faith-filled, positive thoughts not negative, defeated thoughts.
·         Be hopeful in all things.
·         Do not react in anger or hostility. Do not be easily provoked.
·         Do not be easily offended. Forgive continually.
·         Do not react to your circumstances.
·         Stop worrying and being anxious, instead pray.

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