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Counselor's Corner: Having Realistic Expectations for Christmas

Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus, but somehow we have tangled in there other expectations. If we kept the true meaning of Christmas at the center of our minds, we would not have any unrealistic expectations. But, we all do it, create in our minds the “perfect little Christmas.” Perhaps, we watch too many sappy Lifetime or Hallmark channel movies and begin fantasizing about having that awesome family or that spouse we have dreamed of. Every year at Christmas, I fall into the same trap of wanting everything to finally be right with my family, my child, and the list goes on and on. I want my home to be decorated with the most amazing lights and have homemade baked goods for all my neighbors. I want my family to be together and to get along. I want a normal family, you know the ones that are portrayed in those Norman Rockwell paintings. I want to be able to entertain and hosts all of my family without getting tired or frustrated with them. You get the picture, right?
But, …