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Word of Encouragement: Counselor’s Corner Where Has Your Focus Been Lately?

When we are taking pictures and are adjusting the camera lense, at first what is seen in the camera lense may be blurry until we can adjust the lense to come into focus. Just like the camera lense, we too can lose our focus and everything around us becomes blurry.

A definition of focus is the center of interest or activity. What has been your focus lately? Has it been Jesus or everything else? The plan of the enemy is to keep us distracted so we lose our focus on Christ.
Ways we lose our focus:
1.Take our eyes off Jesus and onto our problems and circumstances. 2.Agreeing with what the enemy shows or tells us. 3.Getting overwhelmed by someone else’s problems or issues. 4.Trying to follow the crowd and what everyone else is doing. 5.Carrying burdens that are way too heavy for us to carry. 6.Comparing ourselves to others. 7.Pleasing man instead of God. 8.Being too busy-with work, with church, or other activities.
A little acronym to help you remember to FOCUS:
Filter out all distractions. Obtain …

Word of Encouragement: Counselor’s Corner Progress Not Perfection

A definition of progress is to move forward or onward. A definition of perfection is a condition, state or quality being free from all flaws or defects.

Making progress in your life does not equal perfection! Making progress means moving forward step by step, day by day, and never giving up.
As you move forward you will experience bumps and a few set-backs, this is to be expected. When the bumps come, learn from them and keep moving onward. Don’t get stuck by dwelling on what you did wrong-you will never be perfect and will make from time to time mistakes. Learn quickly from your mistakes, repent if you need to, and then get back up.
List some short and long-term goals you would like to achieve, and then break them into categories for professional, physical, relational, spiritual, personal, and financial. Everyday move towards your goals. If you have a stumbling block to your goals one day, don’t beat yourself up and want to quit; try again. Remember you want progress not perfection.
Word of Encouragement: Counselor’s Corner: In God’s Presence There is Peace, Safety, Guidance, Joy, and Love.
Are you feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, lacking in peace and joy, frustrated or even worried? Are you involved in various church activities, functions and attendance but don’t feel refreshed? Maybe it’s time to step away from the busyness of life and step into His presence. People may not understand, and they may try and sway you to do things. There is refreshment and restoration in His presence. Sometimes we need to say “No” to things and people, even if they are good things. Life will keep you busy.

You should get into a quiet place and get rid of all distractions like electronic devices.
If we stay so busy we can have trouble hearing from God and what He wants for us. We can become easily distracted and lose focus. Our strength comes from the Lord. If we feel weak and worn-out, we may need to step away and go to the throne.
When you come into His presence He will lighten your …