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Counselor’s Corner: Inferiority Complex

A definition of inferiority complex is to lack self-esteem; feel inadequate; lack self-confidence; and feel second-rate.

God designed all of us differently, with diverse talents, gifts, and personalities. Yet, some struggle with feeling unworthy and comparing themselves to others. Some people believe they just don’t measure up, and no matter what they do it just not quit good enough. They are always second-guessing themselves, and end-up feeling that their opinions don’t really count.
Low self-esteem and a lack of self-confidence is at the root of inferiority. Usually, someone develops low self-worth and lack of confidence in early childhood years. This could stem from being bullied, rejected, verbal/mentally abused, or repeated failures in a person’s life. Not knowing who you are in Christ can impact your feelings of unworthiness. Believing what others have said about you or the lies of the enemy can surely affect your self-esteem.
Reflect and ponder: What do you believe about yourself…

Counselor’s Corner: Do You Need a Fresh Start?

Has life been challenging for you and you feel you need a do-over? You may have difficulties in every area of your life-relational, occupational, mental/emotional, and even spiritual. Your way of doing things is no longer working, but you don’t know what to do differently either to make things better. You have begged and pleaded with God to answer your prayers and yet He seems so silent at times.

Reflect and ponder: Is your life working for you? Do you need a fresh start in life, but you don’t know how to get that? Are you frustrated because you have tried to “hit the resend button” and instead of moving forward you go backwards?
Counselor’s Corner:
How to start fresh in your life:
1.Stop begging and pleading with God about your situations, He has heard you. Instead, get up every morning and worship God and sit quietly before Him-just sit at His feet not trying to get God to answer your prayers. Yes, it is good to pray, but after sitting at His feet first and allowing the Holy Spirit to s…

Counselor’s Corner: Cease From Striving From Worry, Reasoning and Fretting

Your body is meant to be balanced in every area-physical, mental and spiritual. You can throw your body out of alignment by excessive worry, reasoning and fretting. When your mind has a negative thought and you don’t take that thought captive, that thought causes you to react and stress hormones are flooded into your body causing a host of problems-anxiety, sickness, weakened immune system and cardiovascular issues. Thoughts precede behavior, so if you think long enough about a problem or a negative circumstance your body will have a reaction!
A definition of worry is to give way to anxiety or unease; or to allow one’s mind to dwell on difficulties or troubles.
Synonyms of anxiety:
Fret To be concerned To be anxious Overthink Brood Panic Lose sleep Get worked up Get stressed Torment oneself
►Did you know that 75-90% of all doctors’ visits are stress-related? ►85% of what you worry about never happens and 15% of what does happen you can handle better than you thought!
Reflect and ponder: Are you …

Counselor’s Corner: God is Bigger than the Giants you Are Facing

The problem that is facing you may be large and may seem impossible to overcome, but God is bigger than what you are encountering. The enemy likes to magnify your difficulties, and by doing this your problems appear larger than they really are. When your problems seem larger than they really are, fear, anxiety and worry can overcome you.
Reflect and ponder: Do you have any situations in your life that seem impossible to overcome, or perhaps your circumstances seem larger than what God can do?
Counselor’s Corner: Let’s take a look at the story of David and Goliath for overcoming impossible situations or the “giants” in your life. The Israelite soldiers woke up every morning to hearing the relentless taunting of Goliath. The Israelite's focused on Goliath’s size-he was very large, a giant! The Israelite's listened to Goliath’s demeaning words and they knew they could not win the battle against him, so they did nothing. However, David spent time in the presence of the Lord, singi…