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How to Know the Voice of God and When Satan Speaks

God’s voice is not the only voice that speaks to us. There are times we will hear God’s voice, the voice of demons, and even our own flesh speaking to us.
How can we know who is speaking to us?
We can know when God is speaking to us. His voice is that still, small voice that you hear in your inner man. The voice of God bears witness in our spirits, and we usually have an immediate peace. His voice is encouraging and it draws us closer to Him. God does not speak condemning thoughts to us, but leads us gently to repentance. When He shows us a problem area or sin in our lives it is always for our good, and it never brings hopelessness or despair. My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they will follow Me. John 10:27
God gives clear-cut directions, but satan speaks through confusion, urgency and uncertainty
God usually speaks to us when we are actively seeking Him. Satan speaks to us intrusively and obsessively. We can feel backed into a corner when we hear satan’s voice, and a sense …