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How to Discern the Voice of God

We are bombarded daily with thoughts that come into our minds, but how can we know when it is God speaking to us?

Comparisons of God’s voice and the enemy’s voice:
·God speaks in a still, small voice. The enemy speaks loudly, intrusively, and obsessively.
·God’s voice is heard through our spirit or deep within us. The enemy’s voice is heard through our soul or our mind, will, emotions, and intellect.
·God leads gently. The enemy leads with urgency and impulsiveness.
·God’s voice brings peace. The enemy’s voice brings confusion, anxiousness, and worry. ·God directs us to repentance that brings restoration and hope. The enemy speaks condemnation and hopelessness over our sin and weakness.
·God gives clear direction. The enemy speaks a problem to us but does not show how to solve or rectify the problem.
·God speaks life to us and things that bring life. The enemy speaks destruction, discouragement, despair, defeat, and death.
·What God speaks to us can be verified in scripture. The enemy speaks half-trut…