Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Words of Encouragement for 2016: Rebuild, Restore and Refined

Begin speaking life over yourself. It is okay to hope and dream again. You are seeing that this year is starting off differently than last year. Last year you conquered many “giants”, fears and worked on being victorious over your thought life and circumstances. This year you will occupy the land! You will REBUILD from the ruins. Last year was about learning to “let go”, learning to trust God, and being set free from generational bondages. Last year was about preparing the ground for the good soil of this year.

The Lord is delivering you in the quiet times, but you will publically declare what God has done. You have been made to see and experience many hardships but God is coming this year to RESTORE all the years the enemy has stolen from you. If who you have been praying for does not change, you will! Stop being consumed with what others are doing. Get your eyes off others and onto Jesus.

You had to distance yourself from some relationships, but you knew on the inside they were distracting and hindering you. You needed to get rid of the dead weights that had been weighing you down. If these relationships come back, you will know when and how to be back in relationship with them.

Stop trying to figure out your life purpose and what you should be doing. It will come to you! You will not have to go search for it. Relax and enjoy the days ahead because all will be preparation for what will come.

You have been REFINED for God’s purposes. Stop beating yourself up for who you are and what you are not able to do. If God has called you to do something, then you will know. Love yourself and even like yourself. Accept your shortcomings and your weaknesses. Quit seeing yourself as a failure.
No more worrying. You see now that worry accomplishes nothing! Let go of all that weighs you down, so that you can finish running your race.

Do what you can and God will supply the increase. Keep doing what God has told you before, He will build on that.

Where it seems God is keeping something from you, He is actually protecting you.


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