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What has caught your attention lately? Have you been more concerned with the cares of this world, other people’s problems, or on difficult circumstances? Maybe you have been in a long spiritual battle and it has kept most of your time and attention. Whatever the reasons, you have lost your focus on Jesus. When we do this we can endure restlessness, anxiety, fear, stress, and feeling overwhelmed.
Just like with a camera lens, sometimes we need to adjust the camera lens so we can see the picture clearer. In our lives, sometimes we need to step back and find out why we are not focused on the things of God.

They enemy will use anything or anybody to derail and distract us from our purpose and walk with Christ. If you are focusing on the problems around you more than the promises of God, you have lost your focus. You may sense a lack of joy and peace in your life as a result of keeping your eyes fixated on the things that you cannot fix. Perhaps, you may have tried to fix other people’s dil…