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A Clean Vessel

The Lord wants to use us to further His Kingdom. We are His vessels that He works through. God wants to purify us and make us pure, clean vessels He can operate through. If you have been purged and refined many times, this is a good thing. It may not feel good while you are going through the process, but God desires to use us as fit and clean vessels.

A clean vessel happens when we are purged of old sin habits and behaviors, and go through a refinement process. Refining is when anything that could trip us up for the service to The Lord will be dealt with. This is a process and it happens because we could easily stumble and fall if we serve The Lord in our old sin nature and in areas that need refinement.
God will show you the areas in your life that need to be dealt with, and He will give you the strength and grace to work through them. Many have been called to serve The Lord, but because of areas of sin and hindrances, they never reach their full potential in serving Christ. Yes, G…