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Mercy Triumphs over Judgment

How do we really know why somebody has committed a certain sin? Do we really know what is inside a person’s heart? Do we know how the enemy may have set a trap for them, and because they were weak in a moment they fell into the trap?

If we believe we could never fall into sin we are fooling ourselves. If we look at those in sin and judge them without mercy we are being unmerciful and prideful. Judgment without mercy produces pride and haughtiness. Judgment of sin should be left to God. If you have thought,” Oh, I could never commit that sin,” then be careful you are entering into judgment. It is easy to judge because we believe we are better, and are more on top of things, even mores spiritual. We all have areas where temptation is strong and habits are hard to conqueror. These weaknesses give the devil a foothold. All believers still sin but are working towards gaining victory over sin. We are all a work in progress and all are being purified and cleansed. If someone’s sin gets exposed…