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What I Have Learned in Turning Forty

Forty is a big milestone, and I just crossed that milestone this week. I have had time to reflect over the years of my life, and this article will explore what I have learned in the last forty years. If I think back twenty or even just ten years ago, I can say my life has not turned out quite like I thought it would. 
My life has had many peaks and valleys, and many surprises, what a journey it has been. I could not have imaged my life as it is now. You see I had different expectations for my life, and different plans. I just assumed that I would have the things that I desired, and I thought that by forty I would have 2.5 children, a healthy, supportive family, I would be in a career and professionally oriented, making the big bucks, and I would have the most awesome marriage where my husband thought I was awesome. Well, let me burst my bubble for a minute, those things I wanted did not quite turn out that way. I could not see past what I wanted for years, and I entered into a time o…

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