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Conquering Automatic Negative Thoughts (A.N.T.s)

If your mind is filled with negative thinking, you will live a defeated life. Negativity is a by-product of how you perceive life. Your perceptions about your life and circumstances, greatly influence your thoughts. A lot of the times our perceptions about our lives are not realistic. We have unrealistic expectations for ourselves and others, this can cause us to have flawed perceptions. Flawed perceptions will invariably led to negative thinking.
Our thoughts usually are automatic. If you have been raised in a negative environment, it is likely you will struggle with or have struggled with negative thinking. If you have had a series of chronic, stress-related issues, it can be common to develop a negative mind-set, because of difficult circumstances. If you are around negative people frequently, their negativity can affect you. It is important that we are careful who we spend our time with. Negativity breeds negativity. Hang-out with positive, faith-filled people. It is also common if…