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Freedom from Insecurity and People-Pleasing

Be a God pleaser, not a man pleaser. Are you more concerned with pleasing man than God? Do you seek the approval of others? At the core of people pleasing is insecurity. We can be insecure for a number of reasons. Insecurity can have roots stemming back from our childhood.
Yet at the same time many even among the leaders believed in Him. But because of the Pharisees they would not confess their faith for fear they would be put out of the synagogue; for they loved the praise from men more than praise from God. John, 12: 42-43, NIV
How do you know you are dealing with insecurity? Here are some key signs insecurity may be a part of your life:
1.You question everything you do. You are uncomfortable with decisions you make. You look to others to decide what’s best for you. 2.You lack confidence in speaking and having conversations with others, and social settings make you feel uneasy. 3.You look to others to approve you and to validate you. 4.You always believe you’re at fault and take the blame …