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Don't Go Back

The enemy would love for you to stay in the past, and not arise to your destiny. It is time to come up. Forget those former things and reach out to what lies ahead. Fear does not come from God, so step out in faith and don’t go back.
Get up again. Shake off the old wineskins and put on your new wineskins. It is time to prevail over all your enemies. Leave the past in the past. There is victory in the present. The pain and the discouragement of the past are over. If you receive this message in your spirit, then you know God is calling you up out of the past; out of the shackles and chains that have held you prisoner of the past. It is not God’s will or plan for you to stay bound to the past.
Do not concern yourself any longer with what others think of you or what you are doing. God has called you with a purpose and you must follow Him. God forgives all your sins and cleanses you from all unrighteousness. Be cleansed today and forgive yourself because God has. Now be a prisoner of hope no…