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Word of Encouragement: Counselor’s Corner: Are You Merciful to Yourself?

Do you give mercy to others but find it difficult to give mercy to yourself?

Forgiving others may come much easier than forgiving yourself. You can justify forgiving others for tremendous offenses but seem to find it difficult to forgive yourself for lesser offenses. There could be a wrong belief that says that you need to pay some sort of penance before you can let yourself off the hook.
You might say that you are your worst own critic. Taking care and helping others are your primary concern, but you seem to neglect proper self-care of yourself. Enjoying life and not taking life so serious is challenging for you because you feel at times you should be punished for the wrong that you have done. Even more challenging is others who have not offered you forgiveness of your wrong doings, and you may condemn yourself because you do not feel forgiven by them.
When you show mercy to someone, you let them off the hook. Showing mercy means you will have compassion and forgiveness instead of giv…

Word of Encouragement: Counselor’s Corner Why Do We Get Frazzled?

What a hectic week I had last week. By the end of the week I was tired, stressed, and a bit irritable. Can anyone relate to this madness of keeping up with the demands and fast pace life we can have? By the weekend, I realized I made everything and everyone a priority over placing my time with God first.
We will suffer either mentally, physically, or spiritually when we put things ahead of God.
Why do we get frazzled? 1.We take on too much responsibility. 2.We do things out of obligation rather than God directing us. 3.We fear saying, “No,” to others and letting people down. 4.As women, we seriously think we can do it all. 5.The enemy sends distractions (even things that seem like a good thing).
If you have felt this way, run to the feet of Jesus immediately. Tell someone, “No, I can’t today,” or shut off your phone, stop obsessively checking your emails and social media, and shut the TV off.
If you can carve out a day or half a day to replenish with God. Things can wait, and God will send s…

Word of Encouragement: Counselor’s Corner Steps to Becoming an Overcomer in Christ

There is a real spiritual battle that rages, and some days it can feel like we are losing the war. These are difficult times for the Christian, and the warfare seems to be increasing. The enemy will increase the pressure and circumstances around you, so that you will lose your strength and eventually turn from your faith in Christ.

Overcome can be defined as success in dealing with a problem or difficulty, or to defeat or to prevail. Are you being overcome by the enemy or are you overcoming the enemy?
So, then how can we overcome our trials and the battles that ensues us?
Steps to becoming an overcomer:
1.Realize that God will see you out of every battle that comes your way. It may not “feel” like it at first, but God is waging war with His heavenly hosts on your behalf. Your job is to remain in prayer and faith as the victory comes.
2.Don’t react to what the enemy is showing you or telling you. The enemy will use anyone, including people in your family. Take every matter into prayer, bu…