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Tips for Improving Your Mental Health

When we think of New Year’s resolutions, usually it is to improve our physical health, however, maintaining good mental and emotional habits are just as important. If you have had a challenging year in 2015, it is time to reevaluate why and what you can do differently for 2016. Being mentally healthy means that you have a sense of wellbeing, you are able to function with everyday life and meet challenges in confidence.
Risk factors that can compromise your emotional health:
1.Poor connection/attachment to your primary caregiver early in life. 2.Childhood trauma and/or early losses through death, divorce, etc. 3.Learned helplessness. Believing that you are helpless and can do little to change your situations. 4.Physical illness that is long-term or debilitating. 5.Substance abuse. This can lead to initially having a release of “feel good” chemicals, but the long-term effects of chronic use can deplete these chemicals.
All of these risk factors can be counteracted with protective factors. Th…