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Trust God

No matter what it looks like, trust God.
No matter how long you have been waiting, trust God.
No matter if you have your doubts, trust God.

You may say, "Is that not "blind faith," to trust when nothing seems to be happening or going my way, or when it seems that God is not listening to you? Yes, it is faith, but it is not "blind faith." We can trust that God is sovereign, He promises to work all things out for our good, and He does hear the prayers of the righteous.

If you have been holding on for a very long time to delayed answers in prayer, or disappointing outcomes, don't give up just yet! God wants to turn your tears into laughter, and your grief to joy. He desires to bring redemption and restoration to you. You may feel like you have waited so long and been disappointed so many times, that you cannot bear to go through anymore. Trust God. He has waited all this time for things to align and to be ready. It was not time before. Give God another oppor…